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Jupiter and Io:
Taken by the Hubble Space Telescope on July 22, 1997.
Image Credit: John Spencer (Lowell Observatory) and NASA
For more information: link.

Dangerous Maneuvers:
Astronaut Scott Parazynski assesses his solar array repair work on the International Space Station.
Image Credit: NASA
For more information: on the image and the STS-120 Mission.

CMU Tartan Racing Team and their vehicle "Boss":
Tartan Racing Team Tartan Racing Team's Boss The Carnegie Mellon Tartan Racing Team is an entrant in the DARPA Urnban Challenge.
The competition takes place Saturday 11/3/2007 at the former George Air Force Base in Victorville, CA.
The Urban Challenge features driverless ground vehicles maneuvering in a mock city environment, executing simulated military supply missions while merging into moving traffic, navigating traffic circles, negotiating busy intersections, and avoiding obstacles.
Image Credits- Team: DARPA web site, Boss: Vincent Zeng/
Update: Boss won the Darpa Urban Challenge!

Discovery Lifts Off:
Discovery October 23, 2007, Space Shuttle Discovery lifts off to begin the STS-120 mission to the International Space Station.
For more information: Link
Image Credit: NASA

Saturn's Strange Hexagon:
Saturn's North Pole This nighttime view of Saturn's north pole by the visual and infrared mapping spectrometer onboard Cassini clearly shows a bizarre six-sided hexagon encircling the entire north pole.
Image Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona
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ISS over Italy:
ISS from Endeavour (2007Aug19) --- The International Space Station seen from the space shuttle Endeavour shortly after undocking for Expedition 15's return home.
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Endeavour Lifts Off!:
Endeavour Liftoff (2007Aug08) --- The launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour lit up the sky at sunset as it lifted off on time at 6:36 p.m. EDT on mission STS-118. It is the 22nd shuttle flight to the International Space Station. Link
Image credit: NASA/Ken Thornsley.

ISS Spacewalk (2007Jul23) --- Astronaut Clay Anderson, Expedition 15 flight engineer, waves to the camera while participating in a session of extravehicular activity (EVA) as construction continues on the International Space Station.
During the 7-hour 41-minute spacewalk, Anderson and cosmonaut Fyodor N. Yurchikhin (out of frame), commander representing Russia's Federal Space Agency, installed a television camera stanchion, reconfigured a power supply for an antenna assembly, and performed several get-ahead tasks. Also, while riding on the end of the Canadarm2, Anderson jettisoned the Early Ammonia Servicer (EAS) by shoving it opposite of the station's direction of travel. The station's robotic arm end effector is at left.
Image Credit: NASA.

Wisconsin Track Track of a tornado that tore through the Bear Paw Resort in northern Wisconsin during the evening of June 7, 2007.
For more information from NASA: Link
NASA image by Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS Rapid Response Team, Goddard Space Flight Center.

USAF Thunderbirds:
USAF Thundirbirds
U.S. Air Force Thunderbird F-16 jets fly in formation past the Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Center.
They were promoting the World Space Expo being held at Kennedy later in 2007.
Image credit: U.S. Air Force/TSgt. Justin D. Pyle

Jupiter and two of its moons:
NASA Image
Captured by the New Horizons Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) at 04:41:04 UTC on Jan. 24, 2007. The spacecraft was 35.3 million miles from Jupiter, approaching the planet at 41,500 miles per hour.
At the right are the moons Io and Ganymede (top); Ganymede's shadow can be seen on Jupiter toward the top.
Image credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute.
For more information: link.     And for a LOT more information: link.

A solar eclipse as seen from the STEREO-B spacecraft
on February 25, 2007:
NASA Image That's the sun with the moon passing in front of it.
For more information and a video of the transit: link.
Image credit: NASA

A fire just south of Waycross, GA: NASA Image
Captured by NASA's Terra satellite on April 17 2007 at 11:40AM EST.
For more information: link.

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