Gettysburg Trip

July 14-16 2008

Herr Tavern & Publick House   Established 1828
This is where we stayed.
If you are planning a trip to Gettysburg, I recommend staying elsewhere.

Tuesday lunch on the square in downtown Gettysburg at this establishment.

Tuesday dinner at the Cashtown Inn, 8 miles west of Gettysburg on the old Lincoln Highway.

It would seem from this picture there weren't many people there. But it was mobbed. The parking lot was full and a lot of people milling around in the center. But there was never a problem with lines in the center. The only problem was finding a parking place.

The long sunny hike to the too small parking lot. Nice flowers.

A National Historic Landmark

Due to lack of parking at the farm, everybody must take a shuttle from the Visitors Center. Once there, a National Park Service guide gives you an overview and then it's a self-guided tour.

For the photos and more,
click on the picture to the left or: link.

Cooper's Battery B
First Pennsylvania Light Artillery

The company was recruited from Lawrence County with many from Mount Jackson, a borough just southwest of New Castle.

For photos of the monuments for Battery B and two of the graves of the three men that died at Gettysburg, click on the picture to the left or: link.

McPherson Barn

The Eternal Light Peace Memorial.
The flame can be seen from most of the Gettysburg area, including the Herr Inn where we stayed.

The borough of Gettysburg from the Peace Memorial.
That's Oak Ridge to the right.

Soldier's National Monument
in the National Cemetery
(Seminary and Warfield Ridges)
Lutheran Theological Seminary on Seminary Ridge.
This was the only building of the Seminary in 1863.
It was used as a hospital during and after the fighting.

My line of McMillens were living in Mason County Virginia (soon to be West Virginia)
at the time of the Gettysburg conflict.

Virginia Memorial with Robert E Lee on Traveler

CSA General James "Old Pete" Longstreet.

Louisiana Memorial.

Mississippi Memorial.

(Little Round Top and Cemetery Ridge)

From Little Round Top

The Devil's Den from Little Round Top

Little Round Top from Ayres Ave.

Minnesota and Pennsylvania Memorials

Seminary Ridge from Cemetery Ridge.
"Pickett's Charge" was across this openness.
That's the Virginia Memorial in the center.
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