No-Melt Peanut Butter Suet

It's for the birds.


2 cups lard (16oz) (no substitutes here).
2 cups crunchy peanut butter (18oz).
4 cups "quick cook" oats (24oz).
4 cups yellow cornmeal (24oz).
2 cups any type flour.
2/3 cup sugar.
1+ cup sunflower seeds (hulled, kernels only).


  1. Melt lard and peanut butter, then stir in remaining ingredients.
  2. Distribute evenly in a 8x12" pan and allow to cool.
  3. Cut into eight 3x4" squares and hand-shape to be sure they'll fit a suet cage.
  4. Wrap in wax paper and store in a box in freezer.
  5. Put out in a suet cage or press softened mixture into holes in a suet log.

Modified from Scott Shalaway's birding column in the Post-Gazette.
Originally from Martha Sargent of Trussville, Alabama.